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    The wedding dresses of the firm Julia Kontogruni stand out for their elaborate form and details. They are handmade dresses with natural materials and high quality. Lace, embroidery, draped ... all the details are thought, made and adhered to the dress with utmost care and precision. And they have a connection so pure that the details of the bodice are transmitted very subtly to the bottom of the dress, even reaching the end of the tail of the dress. One of the details that make these designs particular are the beads and Swarovski crystals embedded in the bodices, which makes them into authentic jewel dresses. They convey sensuality and sophistication; Are feminine and very romantic and with which, above all, you will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • San Patrick
    San Patrick

    Her precious wedding dresses are characterized by the combination of fabrics and their different silhouettes. Handmade and made with the best fabrics, you can find in her collections mikado dresses with princess cuts, her indescribable dresses in gauze with siren cut, her famous cuts in beak and also her dresses with laces more detailed and cared. St. Patrick's dresses also combine the latest trends in bride fashion; Discover the pockets, the belts and the sobrefaldas in some of its designs and always, reserving its classics for the most traditional brides. Her dresses enhance the female figure and are an example of elegance, sophistication and simplicity.

  • La Sposa
    La Sposa

    The La Sposa wedding dresses reinvent the volume of the fabrics and the creativity in their necklines, draws the silhouette of the bride and transforms it into a delicate and romantic figure. Their designs combine different textures, giving fine touches of luster and lace that make them unique garments. Its more careful details sweeten the body of the bride and give that natural and sumptuous air to radiate on her best day. With models adapted to each figure and personality, the woman finds her perfect dress in the signature La Sposa.

  • Aire Barcelona
    Aire Barcelona

    Aire Barcelona wedding dresses are reminiscent of the best years of the times when women were the protagonists of the concept of beauty. With designs inspired by Greek Goddesses, the most romantic brides find the perfect essence to go through the altar and their princess cut designs, make brides look like real royalty personalities evoking elegance. Aire Barcelona stands out for its details and embroideries of rhinestones combining fabrics such as tulle and organza, satin and mikado and natural and warm hues such as gold, rose, white or ivory.


    Their collections are designed with the most careful details and their fresh and youthful touch turns their dresses into timeless. Alma Novias is characterized for composing its confections with high quality fabrics, among which you can find the organza stamped, satin, guipur, tulle, mikado and lace. All of her dresses stand out by how they enhance the natural beauty of the woman through her colors in nude tones. Their different models, from the most romantic and traditional bride, to the most innovative and modern.

  • Demetrios

    Demetrios is one of the brands of wedding dresses par excellence. Greek by birth and currently settled internationally. This signature offers spectacular designs marked by their necklines and heart necklines, bare backs and detailed embroidery in silver and gold rhinestones. Their transparent dresses combine sensuality with sophistication and make the bride the queen of the eyes. They are characterized by drawing perfectly the silhouette of the woman with her tight bodices and her striking cuts mermaid and princess cuts that leave at every step, a beautiful tail defined by careful layers of tulle. With a dress of Demetrios, the bride acquires the best version of herself maintaining its essence and its personality, intact.

  • White one
    White one
  • Cosmobella
  • Cala - Villais
    Cala - Villais
  • Vicky Martín Berrocal
    Vicky Martín Berrocal

    Victoria's dresses by Vicky Martin Berrocal from very clean cuts and taken care of. With pure symmetry and straight fall. The variety of styles is evident with the different fabrics that have been used for the elaboration of this collection; The crepe is the one that has the most presence combined with fantastic ornaments of precious stones placed strategically to obtain a unique result.

    The mikado and the brocade are also some of the fabrics chosen to give life to some of the dresses of this collection. With clear references to the flamenco style by its Andalusian roots, in the exuberant finishing of the ruffles of its dresses in mermaid court, classic and elegant.

  • Sincerity
  • The Sposa Group
    The Sposa Group
  • Outlet
  • Pnina Tornai
    Pnina Tornai

    Wedding dresses Pnina Tornai

  • San Patrick Studio
    San Patrick Studio
  • Sedka Novias
    Sedka Novias
  • Mode Le Pol
    Mode Le Pol
  • Jordi Dalmau
    Jordi Dalmau
  • Tarik Ediz
    Tarik Ediz
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